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The services may be divided into two major categories. The first category concerns the services with consulting character and the second category the services with managerial and contractual character including however advisory services.

Additionally are the so called parallel services or services which however are often provided jointly with other professionals.

Consulting Services

These concern the following:

Surveys for marine insurance
Concern condition surveys, damage surveys and valuations for major Underwriters of Europe, USA, and other regions for insurance purposes.

Valuation for banks and financial institutions
The major task is to assess the value of a vessel following a brief condition survey taking into consideration the Builders’ reputation and study standards of building and trade value [if applicable].

Said services are offered to banks of financial institutions for projects in yachting.

Pre-purchase surveys and valuations
This concern general surveys and sea-trials for condition and also valuation for individuals or companies for pre-purchase purposes on already built yachts.

Underwater surveys and re-floating of vessels
Organize, supervise and coordinate underwater inspections and re-floatings carried out by fully qualified team of divers. Said services refer to damages or sinking of vessels due to sea perils and offered to individuals, marinas, companies, underwriters or local authorities.

Pre-purchase consulting
This service is related to the advisory issues for selecting the appropriate vessel, in order to comply with buyers’ needs, standards of operation and budget.

Furthermore and for larger vessels, is related to a more detailed feasibility study taking also into consideration the running and maintenance costs of the vessel.

This is a service of major significance as on many occasions are related to either investment or financing from banks.

Specifications study and consulting
It refers to setting of specifications or cross examination of specifications already set and relevant studies for hydrodynamic performance and sea keeping prior to new construction, conversion or rebuilt.

New building consulting
Possibly the most important services of all as this evaluates the project and identifies the criteria upon which a yard will be selected to built a specific vessel which has to comply with high structural, outfitting and sea keeping standards, operational capabilities, correct price and which will maintain high re-sale value in the international market.

Supervision of construction and project management
This service ensures proper building and outfitting after cross examining of specifications and tank testing of vessel, compliance with rules and regulations, quality control and effective management of project.

Consulting for conversions and major repairs and refits
Concerns planning, organizing, attending, supervising and evaluation of works for conversions, major repairs and refits

Naval Architecture and Engineering
These are technical services related to all of the above with a general or specific character according to the needs of the vessel or the owner or buyer. Issues include structure, systems, engineering, outfitting and equipment.

Furthermore, concerns collaboration with technical and research institutions for specific study of vessels, engines or systems characteristics, such as model tank testing, engine bench testing, propulsion and stabilizing gear testing, e.t.c.

Educational and seminars
Concerns advisory services in participation as lecturers to seminars for yacht building, surveying, consulting, valuation and technical management.

Similar seminars have been held for bank managers for valuations, insurance brokers for surveys and risk assessment, crew members for maintenance and operation and boatyards’ technicians for repairs of structures, systems and fault finding and trouble shooting methods.

Project evaluation
Concerns the study of a project either as new or as submitted and evaluation of its parameters with regard to compliance with investors or buyers needs, quality standards, cost efficiency and accordance with the market trends.

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