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Technical Management

1.1 Evaluation of condition
Includes full and major inspections of hull, systems, machinery and equipment twice a year and more specifically, one prior to winterization upon completion of summer period and one prior to commencement of operational period or straight after winterization and completion of vessel’s preparation for voyages. These include inspections of vessel at sea and ashore.

Intermediate inspections for condition will be carried out if requested by the owners or the captain for a specific reason or because of a major malfunction or unexpected damage.

1.2 Maintenance
This service includes organizing and coordination for periodical standard maintenance schedule on vessel, machinery, systems and equipment as per manufacturers’ requirements or as per standard marine practice.

Maintenance schedule is more emphatic during winterization while during operational season maintenance is usually limited to the regular service of machinery and systems due to their continuous operation.

Maintenance is arranged to be carried out only by reputable professionals or from the vessel’s engineer if maintenance is of simple nature and falls in the scope of day to day or week to week routine.

Major maintenance schedule will also be followed for major machinery i.e. main engines or systems and shafts and rudders every two or four years in order to be in compliance with safety standards, seaworthiness of the vessel and class or flag requirements.

The annual maintenance schedule is to be applied from October to April, including dry docking.

Dry docking of the vessel and maintenance schedule as well as full out of water inspections for Insurance, Class, flag and owners’ technical consultant is usually carried out in Piraeus area due to the specialization of professionals, accessibility to workshops, providers, authorities and service specialists as well as for the day to day attendance and supervision by the technical managers.

The vessel is usually recommended to remain ashore every year for at least four [4] weeks for effective hull and systems treatment and for minimizing the possibility of appearance of osmotic phenomena [i.e. allowing GRP hull skin to “dry”] or for inspection steel or aluminium plates for electrolysis (depending on material of the hull).

It is strongly recommended that the vessel is berthed in one of the organized marinas in Piraeus or Athens area through out the winterization period or form the end of October to April, prior to her operation, where she could be closely attended by the technical management team and maintenance work can be planned to be carried out over a longer period of time. Similarly, testing and trials can be held more often when necessary with experts and specialists.

Maintenance contractors are to be chosen by the managers on the basis of competitive costs, however, only between very reputable and trustable companies.

Maintenance budget will be submitted on the end of operational period or during October of each year.

1.3 Repairs
Should repairs be needed, these will be identified whether they fall in the scope of an insurance cover or if they constitute repair of damage or malfunction attributed to a non fortuitous event.

Repairs would be effected in the yacht yards of Piraeus area for reasons explaining in the previous paragraph unless if managers consider that these can be effected elsewhere on same quality standards but at a significantly lower cost.

Repairers will again be selected by managers among reputable repairers or suppliers who could guarantee efficient repairs. The same applies to cases of insurance claims where repairs will be necessary.

Budget will be submitted by managers on fixed or estimated cost basis depending on the nature of damage to be diagnosed during the first inspection.

Repairs will be attended through out by managers’ technical staff and report will be issued upon completion of same.

1.4 Upgrading
Upgrading works falls in the scope of owners’ requests or technical consultants’ recommendations in order to improve either the operational or the functional standard of the vessel.

In this case again contractors, place of works to be carried out and budget falls the same standards as per paragraphs for maintenance and repairs.

1.5 Testing and trials
These services fall in the scope of inspections, tests and trials necessary to be carried out by the class, flag or other authorities the vessel has to comply with.

These services are to be described prior to winterization period and to be effected prior to operational period or when ever the specific authority will indicate.

Same applies for tests and trials upon completion of a repair covered by the insurance.

Said services will be organized and coordinated by the managers while all inspections, tests and trials will be attended by managers’ technical staff.

1.6 Inspections for safety issues
These services on most occasions are overlapping with the inspections, testing and trials described in the previous paragraph. However, due to their specific nature these will include inspections from other specialists for the fire fighting and for the life saving gear and possibly from a telecommunication technician for the navigation and communication equipment.

Again these services will be arranged to be provided on annual basis by reputable contractors and inspections will be attended by manager’s surveyor.

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