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Management of Statutory Issue

5.1 Legal Issues
Legal issues may be related to the status of the vessel in relation to owning company, flag and the crew if their nationality is not from E.U. These matters will usually concern annual arrangement while advice and service may be requested from a legal consultant.

This cost is considered as a standard annual expense while the specific legal office will take care of any other matter which may occur during vessel’s staying in the Greek territory.

5.2 Statutory Issues
These, concern all issues related to flag, class, custom, or other authorities or bodies in respect to rules, vessel’s condition, operation and existence as an asset of the owning company.

All certificates to be issued and inspections to be held from said authorities will be scheduled by the manager and will be similarly attended when applicable.

Cost for statutory issues will concern usually a standard expense on an annual basis and will be settled directly through the managers’ office.

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