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Operational Management

2.1 Planning of operation
Specific service concerns effecting owners’ request regarding the use of the vessel in respect of the period and geographical area.

The schedule is defined, therefore, in respect to the parameters mentioned above jointly with the captain while advice and recommendations will be provided to the crew in respect to ports, re-fueling etc. in areas to be visited.

Furthermore, contact details of yachting professionals collaborating with the managers in the areas to be visited will be given when applicable in order for the passengers, crew and vessel to obtain assistance if necessary.

In respect to time of operation owners and captain may be informed, if necessary, for specific conditions i.e. weather, events, strikes etc. on certain areas which may have an effect on the scheduled itinerary.

2.2 Bunkering and supplies
Managers will make arrangements for bunkering and major supplies during summer season for areas of major ports of call or islands where applicable as well during the period the vessel is at her permanent berth.

Managers will ensure where and when possible to maintain a central supplier for bunkering or other important supplies whose network will have a cover in the Aegean and Ionian Sea or in Greek traditional waters.

In a different case and when specific conditions are prevailing (i.e. minor islands or ports, areas outside central supplies network etc.) the captain and the crew will proceed with all necessary arrangements.

2.3 Functionability and operability of living areas
Concerns services or works related to good condition of the living areas, to functionability and operability of same and associated systems such as sanitary, air conditioning, fresh water etc.

Furthermore, concerns the good status of the hotel and galley gear of the vessel as well as the status and efficiency of bedding and linen necessary for maintaining good standards through out the use of vessel by the owners.

To a lesser extent this concerns the cosmetic appearance of the vessel which may not affect her operability and functionability directly but have an effect on the overall atmosphere during operation.

Managers will make necessary arrangements to maintain vessels operability and functionability on high standards in respect to accommodation of passengers during the operational period by effecting service maintenance and renewals when necessary during winterizing period.

2.4 Services and provisions
Services to the vessel during operational period or more specifically possibly from April to October every year will fall in the scope of standard maintenance and service as per winterizing period should this be necessary.

Services, therefore, in relation to operation or to the vessel or a specific system can be arranged to be offered at most areas of Greek territorial waters directly by the managers’ consultants or in co-ordination with the captain or engineer with a local agent if requested service is not of significant issue.

Arrangement for provisions will be made by the managers with the exception of food and beverage which may be arranged by the captain and the crew.

2.5 Berthing in marinas
Vessel’s mooring arrangements in organized marinas during winterization will be effected by the managers as said mooring will concern permanent berthing for a set period of time while similarly will ensure availability of the berthing position through out the year.

To the same extent mooring arrangements can be made with major marinas or ports during vessels operational period if period for visiting said port will be known provided that places are available.

It is agreed though that mooring arrangements during operational period for places outside normal berthing of vessel will primarily be carried out by the captain in order to ensure suitability and safety of the specific area.

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