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Crew Management

3.1 Selecting the crew
The crew, as per normal practice, depending, however, on the size of vessels is usually selected by the owners, either directly or after an introduction and preliminary selection from the managers.

In a different case, crew on board will be appointed by the managers and their duty may be to the examination of the qualifications and the evaluation of their abilities and skills overall.

On these circumstances selection of the crew will be made on the basis of evaluation of qualifications, experience and salary requirements.

3.2 Organizing operation with the crew
This task concerns the collaboration of managers with crew for the operation of the vessel on annual basis including the winterizing period.

The task therefore, will incorporate safe and effective planning of vessel’s operation during the summer season as well as the programming of works for maintenance, service and upgrading during winterization.

3.3 Crew salaries and expenses
Crew salaries and expenses will depend on the size of vessel and will be approved directly by owners or via the managers’ office following their advice.

Salaries standards, therefore, are either set by owners or recommended by managers according to the market standards, specific agreement with crew and task on type of voyages to be performed.

Salaries again may be paid either by the owners directly to the account of crew if there is a relatively small number of crew and small vessels size or alternatively by the managers, if so, will be agreed with the owners or will be dictated by the size of vessel and the number of the crew.

3.4 Crew expenses and allowances
Crew expenses are to be checked by the managers while the budget can be pre-agreed on a twelve [12] months basis between managers and owners.

Crew expenses are related, if however, applicable to all cases, to uniforms, subsistence, transportation, accommodation, telecommunications, e.t.c.

Analysis of expenses and allowances can be carried out as per owners’ request upon evaluation of the condition of vessel’s berthing, operation, winterization, home basis of crew, e.t.c.

Crew expenses and allowances will be paid to crew on a monthly basis unless otherwise instructed by the owners.

Expenses which may occur for the crew outside the normal agreed pattern will be evaluated and paid separately on “ad hoc” basis.

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